Privacy Policy

1.The Company will collect personal information of visitors to the website and use the information for development as follows:

1.1 The Website will collect the information of the members who come to use the service using the Cookie system as follows:

a. Computer IP number

b. Type of Browser

c. Visit information and orders/products

1.2 The information in (1.1) is kept confidential within the Company and will not be sold or delivered to other people.

2. Change, edit, and delete data

2.1 In the case of members wanting to edit or delete information in the system, members can do so by logging on to the company website: and log in to make changes to personal information on the member’s page or contact via Hotline 085-6618096 or E-mail:

2.2 In the case that the buyer cancels the account, the Company will deactivate the account. However, the information of the buyer is still kept in the Company’s database to prevent the occurrence of a dispute later.

3. Cookies Policy

The Company uses Cookie technology to store user data on the website so that the Company can provide services quickly and validate the identity of the user of the website. The user can refuse to accept the cookie but may result in the Company not providing the information effectively.

4. Data security

The Company website uses an SSL security system that can prevent access to personal information on the website, including keeping information in the database of customers strictly confidential.

5. Disclosure of buyer information

a. The Company may give buyer information to third parties in order to carry out product delivery or system development, of which only the necessary information will be given and the confidentiality agreement with third parties will be made.

b. The company may disclose buyer information to third parties if requested by law.

6. Sending newsletters or public relations messages

The Company will send information, press releases, and promotions to the customer in the email that the customer has registered. If the customer does not want to receive the information, he/she can deny the receipt of the information. The customer can press to cancel the receipt of the email immediately in the received mail, which is an immediate method or requesting to the Company’s email, the Company will cancel within 7 days.

7. Privacy policy may change. In the event of a change, the website administrator will notify it on the website.

8. For more details, please contact: or Tel: 085-6618096