Policy on Purchase / Sale and Payment

1.Our products and services

Beauty Diamond sells gem and jewellery products. Every product is manufactured from and ISO 9001 certified factory. The products show on the website are as accurate and complete as possible. Some products may appear larger or smaller than the actual size since each monitor used may have different settings.

2. Ordering procedures

2.1 Customers can place the orders via the web page: www.beautydiamond.co.th; 24 hours a day

2.2 Customers can view product details on the website. When the customer is satisfied with their choice of product, it can be select and placed in cart to purchase. The products ordered are inclusive of the shipping cost.

2.3 Once the customer has got all the required products, the customer shall enter the order process and the system will take the customer through the order process.

a. At the registering procedure, the customer shall fill in the name, last name, actual address, email, and telephone including the channel to access the member system to get privileges. However, if the customer is not easy to subscribe, he/she can choose to pay without subscribing.

b. The system will summarise the list of products with prices and shipping costs, after which the system will proceed to payment process.

c. Payment can be made via credit cards: Visa, Master Card, and JCB

d. Next is the order confirmation process which is an important step to send your order to us to be recorded and the system will confirm the order back via email.

3. The price of the product and the shipping cost that the system has informed when purchasing the product will be the net price including the shipping fee. The customer can pay right away for the domestic transportation which include taxes. But if it cross-country shipping, the customer must be responsible for additional expenses and taxes.

4. Regarding delivery, please study the details of the products delivery in the product delivery policy.

5. Product warranty; for the confidence of customers in ordering products, the company guarantees the products in the event of damage including the damage caused by production. Please see more detail from the warranty policy.

6. Once you have confirmed the order/and the payment, such order cannot be changed or canceled.